About WadeAir

The WadeAir Family

WadeAir was established in 1997 by Tommy Marx to service, sell and repair all types of compressors and ancillary equipment. We were appointed as an official CompAir Distributor from the outset due to our experience of the entire range of CompAir products. At present we have a combined 110 years experience in the compressed air industry in our employ.

Tommy's three sons Barry, Craig and Robbie are our experienced technical team and are ably supported by Shaun, Thulani and Sabelo (who incidentally are brothers too!!) How's that for a true family business!

Additional Benefits

We are proudly BBBEE accredited with a Level 3 - 110% procurement recognition level / value adding supplier.


We pride ourselves in Integrity and Customer Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week